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Dr. Robert (Clay) Williams is using UroFill™ to offer a non-surgical penile girth enhancement. UroFill™ is a proprietary dermal filler. Dr. Williams or the doctor may make the decision to inject when the penis is erect. Patients will be able to observe the immediate results of their treatments! Dr. Williams offers consultations to patients in the greater east Texas region and surrounding areas including Dallas, Houston, Austin, Longview, Shreveport, and Texarkana. Call our clinic in Tyler, TX at (903) 732-2005 or book an appointment online to experience the benefits of UroFill.

Dr. Robert (Clay) Williams has been providing excellent urological care for almost two decades now in the same city, he started his practice, Tyler, Texas. He is one of the few doctors who can actually say he had the rare privilege and honor of training for months on end during his residency training in sexual medicine and male reconstructive surgery with well-known, Dr. Steve K Wilson, at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) in Little Rock.

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Dr. Williams has devoted an enormous amount of his time and focus on male sexual health, low testosterone, erectile dysfunction, male stress incontinence, and Peyronie’s disease including the medical therapies and reconstructive surgeries to improve and alleviate them. He is
considered a leading expert in his field and a member of the Society of Urologic Prosthetic Surgeons (SUPS), Sexual Medicine Society of North America (SMSNA), as well as the International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM).

Dr. Williams’ Training with Dr. Paul Perito

Dr. Williams has trained with several other male sexual health experts including Dr. Paul Perito of Miami, Florida. There, he learned the “minimally-invasive penile prosthetic implant” surgery – an easier and faster approach, with half the recovery time. In fact, to continue to perfect his skills, Dr. Williams has attended Dr. Perito’s course several times. It was during these visits that Dr. Clay Williams also learned about Dr. Paul Perito’s “minimally invasive penile girth enhancement ”procedure, called UroFill™. The training that is required is not an online course or even some 1 or 2-day weekend getaway. In fact, the training courses consisted of both detailed didactics and a thorough “hands-on” approach under the supervision and guidance of Dr. Perito. Understanding the dynamics of the penis…the significant change in girth, length, and rigidity (let’s not forget about function, too!!) from the flaccid state to the erect state is crucial to achieving optimum outcomes. Only a well-trained urologist can confidently perform. Dr. Williams is now one of a small handful of urologists in the country who can offer this procedure with the expertise and knowledge of providing penile enlargement correctly.

UroFill™ – Dr. Paul Perito’s Proprietary Dermal Filler

UroFill™, founded by Dr. Paul Perito, consists of injecting a proprietary dermal filler called Hyaluronic Acid (HA) as a way to increase the girth of a penis. HA is found naturally in the body tissues like skin and cartilage and has been utilized as a dermal filler since the early to mid-90s. Cosmetic fillers have been used extensively by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and now, aestheticians. However, it is Dr Perito’s specialized and patented technique that allows the unique delivery of the dermal filler and adaptation to the penis. Unlike other fillers including silicone, HA swells with water retention and forms a gel, similar in feel to a tube of toothpaste, that can then be modeled and smoothed to each individual’s anatomy.

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Dr. Perito's Patented Technique for Penile Girth Enhancement

Using HA with his patented technique (UroFill™), Dr. Perito has accumulated over 5 years of success with more than 8 clinical years of review. This is an in-office, non-surgical penile girth enhancement performed over the course of just a few short weeks. And the filler is not just simply injected underneath the skin, but in a very specific anatomical location for the best retention of the filler and to avoid vessels and nerves. After extensive training with Dr. Perito, Dr. Williams of East Texas offers the same therapy to those men desiring a larger penis. By avoiding the temptation of injecting more than 4-6 units of UroFill™ all in one visit, Dr. Williams and the patient can decide together what are his current and future goals and realistic expectations; very importantly, this also allows the filler to be properly molded and sculpted over the weeks to adequately allow each HA injection time to settle so that the cosmetic results are improved upon each subsequent injection cycle. But make no doubt about it, you will see immediate results from day one. Most patients notice somewhere between 0.25 – 0.50 inches just after the initial 4-6 injections.

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The Benefits of UroFill™ Penile Girth Enhancement

Do not be fooled or misled by other so-called penile enhancement techniques, as many of them at first glance may appear credible and effective, but by far, are not! And sadly, some of the names even sound similar to UroFill™. They do not have the same clinical data to support their claim as this is a patented technique that Dr. Williams is offering. Dr. Williams desires only the best care for you and wants you (and your partner) to be truly satisfied. Why would you place your most private and intimate part of your body in the hands of someone other than a men’s sexual health urologist—or in the hands of a lesser trained, unspecialized doctor, or a beautician/skin care technician, or an aesthetician, nurse practitioner, or even a dermatologist or plastic surgeon who do not understand the penile anatomy, both flaccid and erect? Penile girth enhancement with filler is not the same as placing a filler elsewhere in your body. If you are seriously considering penile enlargement, please choose a well-trained and well-known urologic surgeon like Dr. Clay Williams, with nearly two decades dealing with male sexual health.

  • Patented technique with a unique delivery system with over 8 years of clinical data
  • No surgery, no general anesthetic (only local), in-office procedure
  • Usually takes 10-15 minutes at most
  • Dr. Williams does each injection himself
  • Return to work immediately after each injection visit, no restrictions
  • Resume sexual intercourse after 72 hours
  • Gauze wrap can be removed after 24 hours
  • Expect some swelling and bruising and some asymmetry or irregularities for ~ 1 week
  • Penis lengths and girths vary, so increase in girth can vary; but most patients will see 0.25 – 0.5 inches with each staged injection visit of 2 – 6 syringes (units)
  • Most patients will have noticeable enlargement just after the first treatment
  • Injections occur ~ about every 2 weeks to allow swelling and bruising to reduce so that subsequent injections can occur properly; injecting more than 4-6 units at any given time does not allow the filler to properly lay down
  • All fillers can migrate, so it is not uncommon to have ~10% or so reduction of filler loss in the first month
  • 90% filler retention rate at 2+ years
  • For maximum size, expect to utilize 20-30 units over the course of several weeks
  • Pricing is reduced the more you purchase
  • Most men will achieve an increase of girth on average of 1 – 1.5 inches but can obtain more if so desired
  • Looks and feels natural
  • “Modeling” – gentle massaging is used for smoothing out any asymmetry or irregularities 1 week after prior injection therapy
  • “Sculpting” – 2 weeks after prior injection if there are still areas of asymmetry and lack of uniformity, then additional filler is added
  • No serious side effects reported
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If you’re looking to increase your penile girth, Dr. Williams is the expert to turn to. Dr. Williams offers consultations to patients in the greater east Texas region and surrounding areas including Dallas, Houston, Austin, Longview, Shreveport, and Texarkana. Call our clinic in Tyler, TX at (903) 732-2005 or book an appointment online.

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