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Cardiovascular Safety of Testosterone-Replacement Therapy

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Dr. R. Clay Williams, our board-certified urologist specializing in low testosterone treatment, provides valuable insights regarding the Cardiovascular Safety of Testosterone-Replacement Therapy Study, the largest randomized placebo-controlled trial in hypogonadal men to date:

  • Among middle aged or older men with hypogonadism, who had a history of established CV disease or who were at high risk for incident CV events, TRT for a mean duration of 22 months did not increase the risk of major CV events
  • TTh improved hypogonadal symptoms and sexual desire, but not erectile function, compared to placebo
  • TTh does not increase the risk of high grade prostate cancer or LUTS compared to placebo

These findings provide a positive outlook on the safety and benefits of testosterone-replacement therapy for men with hypogonadism and cardiovascular risk, assuring patients of its effectiveness in addressing symptoms without compromising cardiovascular health. Learn more by reading the article.

Hear Dr. William’s explanation of this ground breaking research: