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Penile Implant in Tyler, TX

If the other treatments are unsuccessful in managing erectile dysfunction and psychological causes are ruled out, Dr. R. Clay Williams may recommend penile implant surgery. The implant, called a penile prosthesis, is contained within the body. Considerations for choosing the appropriate implant include medical condition, lifestyle, personal preference, and cost. As with all surgeries, there are associated risks that include pain, infection, and other complications.

Some Facts About ED

Occasionally having trouble initiating or sustaining an erection is probably not erectile dysfunction. Change the word occasionally to regularly and you are closer to the definition of ED. To clarify further, if satisfactory sexual performance has persistently been impossible on a number of occasions (and for sometime), it is considered erectile dysfunction.

ED is usually caused by a medical condition, but it can also be related to prescription and recreational drugs, alcohol, smoking, and in some cases a result of psychological issues. ED becomes more common as you get older, but it’s not a normal result of aging.

How to Know If You Are a Candidate for a Penile Implant

A penile implant is a custom-fit medical device that is surgically placed into the penis to produce a natural looking and feeling erection.

The best candidates for a penile implant are those who:

  • Have a problem with blood flow to the penis
  • Have nerve injuries
  • Have side effects from prostate cancer
  • Have not had positive responses to oral medication or penile injection therapy

Penile Implant Types

Dr. R Clay Williams is proud to offer inflatable penile implants from Coloplast and AMS 700 from Boston Scientific.

Schedule a Penile Implant Consultation Today

Talk with Dr. Williams today about your erectile dysfunction issues, if you are a good candidate, and which type might be best for you.

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