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East Texas Nurse Practitioner Seminar featuring Dr Williams

Therapy awareness program: Erectile Dysfunction & ED Treatment Options

On Wednesday, May 15, Dr Clay Williams had the privilege of attending the East Texas Nurse Practitioner Group of Tyler, Texas, presented by Coloplast, as the keynote speaker. And to no surprise, his topic of choice for discussion was men’s sexual health and erectile dysfunction. The evening dinner presentation was a combination of Dr Williams speaking on behalf of relevant and up-to-date erectile dysfunction topics and concerns while engaging the audience directly, asking questions of them while they in turn, asked questions throughout the evening. Dr Williams said, “I like to keep my talks light and laid back; I love having these types of meetings where it’s not just me simply lecturing, but instead, there’s a healthy back and forth between the presenter and the audience…a constant interaction. Providing memorable take home pearls while making everyone smile and laugh…to me, is always a home run.”

Topics covered by Dr. Williams included: 

  • Primary care and urology physician shortages
  • Chronic medical diseases associated with ED
  • Depression, anxiety, and embarrassment associated with ED
  • Primary doctors cannot neglect ED, but how to bring the topic up in the amid other medical issues that need to be addressed
  • Different treatment options and satisfaction rates for oral meds, injections, vacuum erection devices, and penile prosthetics
  • ED prevalence and statistics on the number of men seeking care
  • Cost analysis and comparison of different ED treatment options
  • Current investigational options

Dr Williams’ interest in both male and female sexual medicine and reconstructive surgeries include:

  • ED: medical treatment options and surgical therapies including penile prosthetics
  • Peyronies Disease
  • Male and female incontinence therapies and surgeries (slings)
  • Vaginal vault prolapse
  • Benign prostatic hyperplasia treatment options